Areas – External Quote

Add Areas

The Add Area function is where you select areas to be quoted. Add an area by selecting the Add New Area blue button. A window for adding areas will load. From the left menu under the heading Area Type choose from the drop down menu titled Select Type.  Check the box to the left of Components in this area. A list of components will appear that you can check to enable and these selections will load to the right of the window.
Each Area description may be edited or renamed by editing the area name under the left menu dropdown menu. The Custom Area field is also available for naming individual areas.
To add further components to an already established area, under the heading Area Type choose from the drop down menu titled Select Type.; selecting further components..
Areas entries can be deleted from the list or renamed as required.

In Areas four blue tabs at the top of the page are displayed; Details, Special Items, Note and Quantities.

Area Display

The right side of the window is the Area Display section which displays previously selected component substrates by area. Select the area you wish to quote. Select a substrate component adding single or multiple dimensions (L x W) to each substrate component to calculate labour and paint materials as set in Paint Defaults. Applying a quantity to individual items such as meter boxes and chimneys will automatically calculate labour and materials for these items.

Area Defaults

To access select the blue Area Defaults button top right. The Area Defaults window is available to change the individual Areas paint product specification; brand and product. This is done in the same manner as setting up the quotes original paint default settings with one exception. To update the individual Area (leaving the original paint default intact for other areas) ensure the Lock Setting function is checked.
If the Lock Setting is left unchecked, PaintPad will assume you want to revise the original Paint Default settings and adjust the original paint defaults to the new Area settings.

To copy the data (measurements, detail, etc.) from another area to the Area you’re in, tap the clone icon located next to the right of the blue navigation tabs. A window will open listing Areas available to clone from. Tap the appropriate clone tab to complete the process.

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