Connect to Outlook Email

Important Please Read Before Continuing

You can not use your Outlook password in PaintPad you must set up an app password and use that as your Outlook password.
Step by Step instructions are below.


Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page to the Integrations section and toggle the radio button next to Connect your Mailbox to on.

A pop up window will display the options available to connect your current email. Click on the Other icon.


To connect your Outlook account to PaintPad you will need to first log in to your Outlook account on your iPad to generate an App Password which requires 2 step verification enabled on your Outlook Account.

App Password

Follow the steps below to create an app password for Outlook:

1 Select your name or avatar in top navigation bar, and then select My Microsoft Account.

2 Scroll down and select Update under the Security section.

3 Select Get Started in the Advanced security options section.
 You might need to provide your email password before viewing these settings.

4 If two-step verification is already enabled, you can just choose Create a new app password. 
If it isn’t enabled yet, choose Turn on next to Two-step verification and follow those steps to enable it. After a few screens, you’ll return to the one where you first enabled 2FA and there you can choose Create a new app password.

5 Launch the Set up two-step verification wizard by selecting Next.

6 The next screen prompts you to set up the Microsoft Authenticator app, which lets you tap in an approval notification to give an app access to your Outlook account (no password or code required). For our purposes, select Cancel to move on to setting up two-step verification.

7 Follow the instructions to enable two-step verification.

8 On the third step of the wizard, you’ll see an option to set up your smartphone with an app password. Select your device type.

9 Follow the on-screen instructions to finish setup on your smartphone or tablet. Once you have an app password set up, you can use it in PaintPad, or change it whenever you want.


Go back to the PaintPad pop up window to connect your Mailbox in settings. 

Input your email address.
Instead of your Outlook password in the Password field input the App Password.
Press Connect to connect your Outlook mailbox.

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