Connect Your Mailbox


Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page to the Integrations section and toggle the radio button next to Connect your Mailbox to on.
A pop up window will display the options available to connect your current email.


Select the Outlook icon if you send and receive email from Hotmail, Microsoft Live or addresses.

You will need to enable two factor authentication on your outlook account and then generate an app password. Then when you connect your Outlook account you will use the app password instead of your usual email password to connect.

Click for Step by Step Instructions to connect your Outlook Account.


To connect your Gmail account to PaintPad you will need to follow some Step by Step Instructions.

Click for Step by Step Instructions to connect your Gmail Account.


You can obtain your email details from your Internet Service Provider, Website or Email Hosting Company.

You will need your incoming mail server, outgoing mail server, email and password to connect your mailbox. Fill these out and check the SSL checkbox if your settings require this, then press connect.

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