Creating a Quote

Click on either the New Quote tile on the dashboard or click the top left hamburger menu and choose New Quote from the list.

Choose from Interior, Exterior or Pools

Quote Description
Give your quote a brief description. This will tell you at a glance the general nature of the quote on the Quotes page under Quote Note and on the Quote Detail page next to the Project number. 

Add a Client / Contact

New Client
Add in the name of the Client. Add in a Contact name if this is different to the client name. Client email, phone and or mobile numbers.
In the Search for Address bar you can search for the address of client. You must be connected to the internet for this to function. The fields below will then populate with the correct address details. If you are not connected to the internet, do not use the Search for address field and manually input the address details, street, suburb, state and postcode.

Existing Client 
Choose Existing Client which will show you your current full client contact list. You can search for the existing client using the Search bar.

Site Details
If the site of the project is different to the clients address choose the Site Details tab at the top to the right of Client Details.
Uncheck Use Client Contact Address. Follow the same steps as adding in a new client address above.
Site Details – If there is a different contact for the project on site add in their name and details here.

Click the green check in the circle top right  and you will be taken to the Quote Detail Screen.

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