Customer Sources

How did your customers find you?

To run a successful business, you must be found by potential customers in a variety of ways. Proven techniques include:
Directories on the internet
Your personal website
Advertisements in newspapers
Online and offline directories
Mailing by direct mail
A combination of these methods should result in a marketing strategy that raises awareness and credibility for your company. The more people who hear about you, the more memorable your message and service.

Keep a record in PaintPad of how your customers are best finding you so you can optimise your marketing strategy.

Add in your most used Customer Sources in Settings by choosing the + icon. Type in the Name and press the green tick to save.

You can edit and delete any of your customer sources from the Settings screen using the pencil and trash icons respectively.

The Customer Source feature is then used on the Quote Detail tab when setting up your Quote initial details. You will see the Customer Source drop down box on the page lower right hand side. The drop downs contain the customer sources you have added in settings which suit your business.

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