Download PaintPad

Download from the App Store

The PaintPad app is available directly from the App Store. You will need to download the app on to your iPad.

Click Here to Download the PaintPad app on to your iPad


Apple iPad – Install Apps

From a Home screen on your iPad, tap App Store App store icon.
To install apps, you must sign in with your Apple ID or create one .
Find apps by doing one of the following:
To browse the App Store, tap Apps (located at the bottom).
Tap Search (lower-right) then enter the name of the app in the search bar (at the top). Type in PaintPad – Paint Professionals.
OR Click direct link above.
Tap the app.
Tap GET then tap INSTALL.
If prompted, sign in with your AppleID to complete the download.

Now the app is installed on your iPad you can tap the PaintPad icon on your iPad home screen to open the PaintPad app directly. You will see the welcome screen where you will login using the credentials you supplied at sign up.


Input your email address. Input your password. Click Login.

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