Paint Defaults

Begin in the left side column.

Click onto the Brand field to choose or change the manufacturer. A pack shot of the product will display. The same pack shot will also appear on the quotation document.

Paint Quality / Tier
Generally, three tiers are available based on a good, better, best quality. Each tier will pre-load a defaulted range of products into Paint Defaults. These defaults can be changed at a substrate level as required.

Options are 1, 2, 3 topcoats. PaintPad will manage the undercoat if the Undercoat box is ticked. Undercoat. Checking the undercoat box will select the undercoat option for all substrates. Leave the Undercoat box unchecked if you wish to select an undercoat per individual substrate.

Prep Level
This function will calculate an average preparation charge to your quote as a Paint Preparation and Application Preparation charge. Both charges are displayed via the Summary > Quantities > By Product tabs. A sample calculation for each default Prep Level is as follows: Prep Level 1 – Standard: 3% of quoted Paint Material and 4% of quoted Application Labour. Prep Level 2 – Professional: 5% of quoted Paint Material and 7% of quoted Application Labour. Prep Level 3 – Premium: 8% of quoted Paint Material and 12% of quoted Application Labour. Prep Levels can be added, deleted and edited in Settings. There is no limit to the number of levels, though it is suggested a manageable number are nominated.

Prep Level Definitions
Paint Prep level definitions are not displayed on Quote or Job Specification documentation. Paint Prep level definitions can be documented and included as an email attachment.

Undercoat check box  when checked an undercoat default option will display. As with the sheen & product fields the undercoat product can be adjusted via a dropdown list.

Colour Consultant Required when checked the Colour Consultant information and associated costs will be added to the quote. Check the Colour Consultant article for more information.

Move to the main Paint Defaults screen.
PaintPad lists available substrates, eg., Ceilings, Cornices, etc. Each substrate allows selection of: Colour Name and Strength Colour information can be either selected by tapping the Icon which will display a pre-loaded selection of manufacturer colours. To make a selection simply search for the colour name or scroll through the colour examples; clicking your choice. If your colour choice is not available type the brand & colour name in the type custom name field. All options will update the colour name field with the colour name and if available, display a colour swatch.

Selecting “Select Tag” will display a drop-down box of available manufacturers colour card information. Clicking on colour swatch will populate substrate information with colour example and brand/colour name. Set colour strength dropdown box appropriate to your needs, the field defaults to Full.

Sheen & Product field Each field has a default product loaded deemed suitable for the substrate. The sheen and product choice can be adjusted by selecting the fields down arrow. Each products suitability has been chosen using the paint manufacturers data available at the time and may be subject to change. For further product information/suitability, please check with the manufacturer.

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