Paint Orders

To create a Paint Order

Navigate to the Summary tab on any quote and in the footer button area the far right button is Paint Order.

Press the Paint Order button and a pop up window displaying all Paint Orders is displayed. To start a new paint order for this particular quote select the + icon in the top right of the pop up window. A new pop up window will display with the paint required to complete the quote you are currently working on.
The table will display the Brand, product and sheen selected. An estimated can size and quantity required is displayed. The two fields that you can edit are Order Size and Order Quantity – you can control what you want to order if it is different to the estimated quantities. The colour of the chosen paints and the strength is also displayed.

Delivery Instructions
Painter Name and Contact Number will be pre filled with your details and thee can be edited. You can choose a Delivery Date and Time by selecting the — Select — field which will bring up a date and time picker.
Address for the paint to be delivered can be entered using the search for address field.
Paint Store – all paint store details are added in Settings. Select from the drop down list.
Paint Order Notes – all paint order notes are added in Settings. Select from the drop down list or add a new and different note in the grey text box provided.

When all details are filled out select the green tick icon top right. A PDF of your paint order will be automatically displayed for you to review. This is the PDF that your chosen paint store will receive with your email. If all details are correct after reviewing the PDF go ahead and press Done in the top left of your screen to close the PDF.

To send a Paint Order

Select the Paint Order button bottom right of the Summary screen. The paint order pop up window will display and your paint order status will be displayed. You will see the name of the paint store, the delivery date, if this paint order has been submitted and the status of the order. Under the Action heading you will see an email, PDF and edit  pencil icon. To email the paint order to the paint store select the email icon. This will bring up the email window with the store email, the subject is the paint order number and the paint order PDF is attached to the email.
Select template is located under the Subject field, choose select template and then Paint Order Email to Paint Store from the drop down list.