Rooms – Internal Quote

Add Rooms

The Add Room function is where you select/name rooms to be quoted. Select the Add New Room to begin. A window will appear where you can populate information per room. Go to the left column titled Room type to begin selecting a pre named room type. You can edit the name description of this in the name field. For example if this is Bedroom 2 or you could give the room a name – John’s Room. If the room is not in the pre named list, choose Custom Room and edit the name description of your room.
In Rooms four blue tabs at the top of the page are displayed; Details, Special Items, Note and Quantities.

Details Tab

The Room Details tab displays an area where room dimensions (L x W x H) are inserted. The room dimensions are used by each substrate component to calculate labour and paint materials as set in Paint Defaults. Simply select the appropriate substrate components you are quoting. Applying a quantity to individual items such as doors and door frames, etc., will automatically calculate labour and materials for these items. You can also add or remove the undercoat requirement plus an individual colour selection per substrate.
Feature Walls – this feature requires m2 to be inputted to calculate accurately.

Room Defaults button is available to change the individual rooms paint product specification; brand and product. This is done in the same manner as setting up the quotes original paint default settings with one exception. To update the individual room (leaving the original paint default intact for other areas) ensure the Lock Setting function is checked. If the Lock Setting is left unchecked, PaintPad will assume you want to revise the original Paint Default settings and adjust the original paint defaults to the new room settings.

Clone Function
– to copy the data (measurements, detail, etc.) from another room to the room you’re in, tap the clone icon . A window will open listing rooms available to clone from. Tap the appropriate clone tab to complete the process.


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